Zoo Olympics/Zoo Feud

Camp at Discovery Wildlife Park this summer and take part in our first Zoo Olympics/Zoo Feud evenings!  We have two special evenings planned for our overnight campers to add to their already awesome weekend of camping at the Park.

Zoo Feud will take place on Sunday July 1 after the Park closes for the day.  Our keepers have planned a fun family trivia contest that will definitely keep your family entertained!  Animal related trivia will be the name of the game and cool prizes are available to win!

Zoo Olympics on Sunday August 5 will have our zookeepers on hand in the campground after hours to organize families into some great zoo-related evening games.  This will be age appropriate fun for everyone.  Again, some fun prizes will be handed out!

Plan to be camping on one or both weekends to be able to participate!

Ultimate Bear Experience

The Ultimate Bear Experience!  For the bear lover in your family, we are offering two days of an up close bear encounter for you!   May 29 and June 12 are the dates to keep in mind so you won’t miss out on this unique camp.

Spend 4 hours with our keepers as they care for and train our bears here at Discovery Wildlife Park.  You will learn so much from observing these animals up close and talking with our keepers – you will be amazed at their intelligence, athletic abilities and general playfulness!  You will participate in cleaning enclosures, providing enrichment items for each bear and observing how they react to what you have done.  Lots of great photo opportunities away you and a perfect way to see bears up close safely!

These camps are limited to 5 people and are adults only – sorry kids!  Each participant will receive a photo with a bear and a USB full of photos of their day with the bears.  Bring your own camera too and take as many photos as you like!

Dress for the weather as you will be outdoors!  This camp is not appropriate for anyone with allergies as you will be around dust, straw, hair, nuts and animals for the whole camp.

Make sure you book soon as the Ultimate Bear Experience fills up quickly!  Click on the registration form, print it and scan/email it back to

Ultimate Bear Experience

$275 plus GST per person

New programs coming soon!