Animal Presentations

For a one of a kind, absolutely unique wildlife experience, take in the exciting daily animal presentations that are offered at Discovery Wildlife Park.

school groups 3Bears, tigers, wolves, lions and jaguars will take part by exhibiting their natural skills and abilities as our trainers demonstrate their relationship with the animals.

As well, keepers will be on hand throughout the day to give impromptu talks about monkeys, deer, ostriches and many other animals.

Our presentation schedule is designed to allow the visitor to have an awesome, unforgettable and safe experience with wildlife. Photos with our awesome bears are a great souvenir to take home to show family and friends!

Remember to allow yourselves enough time to take in all the presentations and be able to see the rest of the animals too!

Make Discovery Wildlife Park a destination for your family this year!

Behind the Scenes

Ask about our tour with our tiger, lions and jaguars!

Get up close with these magnificent cats accompanied by our keepers and learn more about them.  A great opportunity for photos and to have your questions answered.  These are offered at scheduled times during the day – ask at the front desk for more details!  You can also pre-book them by phone.

Walk with the Wolves

Meet Nisa and Lupe,  our two black orphan wolves, in person!  Take a 15 minute walk with them accompanied by our zookeepers and learn their story.  You may take as many photos as you like, ask the keepers questions about the wolves and enjoy being part of the wolves’ life just for a while!  This walk is for up to 4 people at a time and must be booked in advance.  Children over 6 are welcome with an adult – if unaccompanied, they must be 12 years old.  Call us today to book your wolf walk!  Please note that the wolf walks are only done after our last bear presentation of the day.

                                      wolf walk