Open May 1 – Oct 14, 2019

Now closed for the winter season – see you on May 1, 2019!

Meet the Newest Additions to our Family!

Tavo and Quora, the two cougar kittens have joined us this fall and are looking forward to meeting all of our friends this coming year!  Watch for our winter specials – photo shoots, wolf walks and Christmas photos with Berkley the bear.  Check out our Special Events page!

Why Visit?  We Are Different!!

Discovery Wildlife Park provides permanent homes for unfortunate wildlife – orphans that cannot be released back into the wild, exotic pets that have been kept illegally as well as unwanted pets.  These animals are in crisis!  Many would be euthanized if we could not take them in.  We are constantly building new enclosures so if a situation develops, we have the ability to take in an animal on short notice.  Our Park does not breed animals – most of our family are same sex roommates or neutered.  We receive so many animals that are in need of a home that breeding is not an option.

We believe that conservation begins with educating people.  We also believe people’s experiences with animals will develop into a passion for conservation.  By providing daily animal  presentations,  Discovery Wildlife Park focuses on this conservation message and gives our visitors an opportunity to learn more about each species.

Come for a life-changing experience….You will help make a difference in an animal’s life!!

NEW! Camp in the Park

Discovery Wildlife Park now offers you an overnight experience!  Camp in our 63 stall campground with power, stocked trout fishing pond, washrooms and showers .  Listen to the night sounds as Griffen, the male lion, roars or Nisa and Lupe, the two wolves, howl!  We also offer evening animal encounters to make your experience that much more memorable – check out our Camping page for more info.